About Us

Multilink started as a one man show back in 1990 with Renè Reyneke as the only practitioner. In the year 2000 Multilink was registered as Van der Merwe & Reyneke Finansiële Dienste [Pty] Ltd and around 2010 Multilink came to fruit.

The company name has changed but the heart always stayed the same with Renè at the helm.

In 2018 Renè’s son Pedri joined him in the management team and the big drive to automation started.

Multilink’s Philosophy

In 1990 Renè started with a concept that insurance is more than a policy, and this still holds true, but the emphasis has changed from a policy to an investment.  Now the same philosophy is true, but it is communicated as “net growth” to the client.

All aspects of Multilink: short term insurance, medical aid, life insurance and investments, is combined to focus on the growth of the client’s net worth.  

This means in each of the functions of Multilink there is a drive to save money.  For the client, this saving is then invested so that there can be a lowering of risk which cumulates into extra savings.

This process is automated into a needs analysis that is done by Multilink and the needs analysis’ focus is to mitigate risk using investments.

Why Multilink?

  1. We have a conceptual understanding of the inner workings of product offerings; saving our clients’ time and money

  2. Cost sensitivity means more money for your rand.

  3. Unemotional towards service providers and independent meaning our loyalty lies with the client, and not the other way around.

  4. Strategic planning ensures the perfect match between risk and reward.