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Multilink has developed software that chooses a medical aid plan best suited for you, without all the unnecessary extras, and without the influence of a biased third party advisor. We have developed a program that does this in less than 5 minutes.   Totally independent, unbiased, and in no way tainted to our choice of colour!

Multilink considers your current lifestyle and needs to work out an affordable medical aid plan for you. We use 6 medical aid companies who each have on average 15 plans (90 plans) with 300 data points. That is 27000 variables, which I, as the broker can match with you and your 2 or 3 dependents. Ensuring that you have the correct medical cover for your needs and lifestyle.

Multilink also creates a monthly report for clients that indicate where they are not using their medical aid correctly.  For example, visiting a pharmacy that is not on your network – which is costing you, extra! 

Multilink will advise you on the best way to utilize your medical aid to your advantage.

Why do I need a Medical Aid Broker?

Multilink medical aid plans wealth building secunda south africa wealth advisors

The services of a good independent medical aid broker are invaluable. Multilink brokers are well versed in the intricate details of various medical aid plans from different service providers. Multilink conduct a needs analysis based on your current lifestyle and then considers the most appropriate medical aid options based on your budget and needs.

The service and advice of a medical aid broker will not increase your premium. Medical aid brokers conclude agreements with each medical aid scheme they represent, and are paid by these schemes.

We are here to:
1. Explain difficult medical aid terms to you
2. Assist you with difficult claims when they are rejected
3. Liaise with medical schemes on your behalf
4. Update you on new rates and increases for the following year and
5. Advise you on any question you might have.

Our brokers are registered as financial services providers and accredited with the Council for Medical Schemes.



Let us do an obligation free assessment of your needs and establish the type of
medical aid plan most suitable to address those needs.